The Three Values Charles "Bo" Bowen Brings to His Practice Every Day

charles "bo" bowen of the bowen law group – photo: blake crosby


The Three Values Charles "Bo" Bowen Brings to His Practice Every Day


The scene is New Orleans, 1895. Bernard Cohen Shields, one of the city’s most prominent corporate attorneys, gazes out of his office window over the gaslit streets of the French Quarter, silently taking in the beauty of the city. Shields has dedicated his life to New Orleans, from defending it in the military to serving on City Council to utilizing his law practice to support his fellow citizens and entrepreneurs. It is a city he feels honored and privileged to serve.

The scene is Savannah, 1995. Shields doesn’t know it, but exactly one hundred years later his legacy of dedication and service will extend all the way to Savannah, Georgia. Charles “Bo” Bowen, Shields’ great grandson, gazes out of the penthouse window of his own law practice, silently taking in the majesty and beauty of the Hostess City of the South. It is a city he also feels honored and privileged to serve.

Now 25 years into Bowen’s own legal career, reminders of his great grandfather’s legacy can be seen throughout his office. Shields’ pocket watch, candlestick telephone, lamp, photos, and even his diploma are just of few of his belongings on display. Each serves as a constant reminder of the lofty standard set by Shields more than a century ago.

“Whenever I see those items, I think of the lessons passed down from my great grandfather,” said Bowen. “He believed that service, loyalty, and a commitment to justice are the most inspiring ideals of our society. I try to emulate those values.”

As one of Savannah’s most recognizable and honored attorneys, Bowen’s extensive experience in business and entertainment law have made him an indelible part of Savannah’s history. It’s safe to say that Bernard Cohen Shield’s legacy is in good hands. / 912.544.2050


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