The South’s Proverbial Last Supper

What would you eat if you knew it was your last meal on earth? That’s exactly what we wanted to know from the greatest chefs in the South. When you cook gourmet everyday, your last supper is going to be something spectacular. Us mere mortals would probably just settle for Stouffer’s Lasagna, but the South’s Greatest Chefs? Come on! If they had one more meal, they’d chop, slice, dice and simmer the most delectable thing anyone had ever tasted. The stuff of legends, if you will. At your last supper, you tend to look back on what you accomplished. This is just speculation of course because we’ve never actually been to a last supper, but we’re sure we’d be philosophical and reflect on our lives. We had the Greatest Chefs reflect on the legacies they’d hope to leave behind after their last supper and what drives their culinary philosophy. The reactions are as varied as their cuisines. Carpe diem, or rather, Carpe cena—seize the meal! Pick up the latest issue to hear more from the South’s Greatest Chefs including Brandy Williamson of Daniel Reed Restaurant Group, Lauren Teague from 22 Square at Andaz, Richard Hattaway of Jazz’d, Ray Whitlock from The Georgia Club and Adam Matthews of Creekside Catering.

Story by Shawndra Russell

Photography by Tim Riethmiller