The Souths Greatest Dads

Our readers nominated and fans voted for the South's Greatests Dads. Whether they're cradling us as babies, showing us the ropes of life or teaching us new skills to make it in this world, our dads should be celebrated. These great dads share ten tips on fatherhood. 


Greatest Challenge to Being a Dad

The only challenge I had was to make a good living and to provide for my daughters…private schools, safe cars, finish college in good standing and have successful careers. I saw my role as one that left my children in better stead than I.



Advice for New Dads

Enjoy every second you have with your children. The one thing that really sticks in my mind is how it feels like I was just headed to the hospital with my son’s mom and this year we’ll be taking him to pre-k. It goes quickly.


Advice for New Dads

My advice for new fathers is to expect the unexpected and be flexible.  Do not buy too may clothes of one size or 10 cans of one type of formula because they may not tolerate the formula or might outgrow the 3 month clothing by one month old. Do not expect to resume life as usual after you child comes home, be ready to spend more nights in and try to make time for your spouse as it is much harder once you have a child. 



Why he Loves Being a Dad

I love everything about being a dad. It has really brought new meaning to my life. In fact, it's hard to even reflect to a point when Cole wasn't in it. I love so many things about our time together: making him smile, listening to his laugh, watching him meet every milestone. It makes you so proud



Greatest Challenge to Being a Dad

I think that today, one of the greatest challenges for dads is the leadership role that fathers have always been called upon to take on. The statistics for the negative affects on children from fatherless homes is staggering. An absent father is a common denominator in 63% of youth suicides, 90% of homeless and runaway children, 71% of high school dropouts, and 85% of children who show behavioral disorders…just to name a few. 43% of US children today live without their father. It's my personal belief that God designed the family unit with both parental roles having its own specific purposes.




If He Had it to Do All Over Again

If I had the chance to do something differently it would be to work less and put more of my focus on my family. You work to support your family but if your never there for them then your depriving them of one of the things they need most. 

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