The Southern Bar Crawl

Savannah is a drinking town, pure and simple. Make your way through the best bars in the city with South’s Official Southern Bar Crawl. **Please drink responsibly. South is in no way responsible for your drunken antics as some of the drinks at these bars may be too strong for you to handle.**

It’s not that Savannah needs another excuse to drink.

We pride ourselves on coming up with new and interesting ways to funnel alcohol into our mouths every year. Want to ride on a 10-person bike that blasts top 40 hits while drinking? Savannah Slow Ride. Want to walk around looking at spooky houses while drinking? Ghost Tour. Many of these iterations of drinking at least have the pretense of doing something of merit other than drinking but who cares about pretense, let’s celebrate drinking for drinking’s sake! Get out of here with that historical nonsense, no need to get married or even take a vacation. There is no better way to drink unapologetically than a good old-fashioned Southern Bar Crawl. 

Surprisingly enough, bar crawls are important on a few levels other than blacking out in the arms of a Club One drag queen. Perhaps the most heartwarming of these is the sense of camaraderie and community that slowly builds with every stop on the crawl; every drink finished. Many Bar Crawls are formed to help acquaint recent transplants to the area and introduce them to new places in a strange city. I remember attending a bar crawl put on by a club in my college. By the end of the night, strangers were best friends, many of us had found bars we would frequent for the next four years, and at the very least at the end of the night we were all exhaustingly comfortable in a happy combination of drinking and walking. 

In true Southern style, we have created a bar crawl that has a little something for everyone. Savannah is well known for having a multitude of bars, some of them fantastic, some of them not so much, but every Savannahian has their favorite: the one with the best late night eats, the one with the best live music, the one with the best beer selection. And of course they know the ones to avoid as well. Here at South we have compiled what we think is the perfect combination of modern Southern elegance and down home dives, and as with any bar crawl ordering at least one drink at each stop isn’t just imperative, it’s required!

Here's a few bars we love:


22 Square Bar at Andaz This chic and cozy bar on the edge of Ellis Square is a celebration of the art of cocktail making. You’ll love the rustic décor and huge windows that allow you to people-watch on one of the busiest squares in Savannah. We recommend sitting at the bar and befriending the bartenders. They’re all super-knowlegable on every kind of cocktail you could imagine. Put their skills to the test by having them shake you up something unique.

14 Barnard Street, Savannah, GA 31401


  A couple steps from Jazz’d on Broughton Street, we find ourselves in another basement. The Ordinary Pub is an important stop on this crawl for a number of reasons. How could we create a bar crawl and not include a pub? The Ordinary Pub has a familiar yet updated feel to it, definitely giving us the serious neighborhood vibes any English pub would but with a refreshing Southern influence. They offer brunch, lunch, dinner, and late night pub bites, and a well-rounded selection of local beers. When you get there make sure to order a bomber size of whatever beer strikes your fancy, these 750ml beers can be shared but we’re thinking at this point on the crawl you’re going to want to keep that baby all to yourself. While you are sipping on that wine-bottle sized beer, you’re going to want to order their amazing fried green tomato caprese salad or pork belly sliders; reimagined pub fare at its best. 

217 W Broughton St, Savannah, GA


Pacci Italian Kitchen + Bar Clean white linens and a joyful atmosphere make Pacci one of our favorite restaurant bars in Downtown Savannah. Sit at their long bar and strike up a conversation with Sydney Lance, the resident mixologist. Not only is he full of stories and laughs, but can also perfectly pair any drink with something on the classic Italian menu. If you're looking for something small, go during Aperitivo Hour. It's the Italian version of happy hour where you can unwind with a delicous drink and the perfect light snack.

601 East Bay Street, Savannah, GA


The Grey One of Savannah's favorite new eateries, The Grey has gotten a lot of national attention. And it's all well-deserved. First off, the interior to this place is impeccable. Who knew you could turn an old bus station into a classy and upscale diner with midcentury modern aesthetic? The U-shaped diner bar is the centerpiece to this place, so you'll want to take a seat where you can get one. The diner bar has its own special menu including a mix of snacks, plated meals, and sweets. If you'd prefer cozying up in one of the booths or sitting at the other bar, the complete dinner menu has a slew of unique seasonal dishes designed by master chef and owner Mashama Bailey. You'll love her unique take on Southern classics like the charred okra or roasted yardbird.

109 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Savannah, GA


To get our full list of bars crawl subscribe now or pick up the October/November issue of South Magazine. The bar crawl includes a detailed path to take, plus some fun detours along the way!