The Secrets of Second Saturday at B Historic Savannah's Kitchen 320

Kitchen 320 is a new restaurant to the Savannah area located in the lobby of the B Historic Hotel.

The hotel itself is a combination of chic and historic with a touch of Jazz. The restaurant has hosted a fiend night for a couple of months now on the second Saturday of every month. Each second Saturday is a different theme, and on the Saturday that I attended was a New Orleans theme. Their chef, fresh back from the city of New Orleans, was excited to share his authentic dishes with Kitchen 320's guests that evening. Dressed in my best easy South apparel, I receive my password from the GM himself.


“I received instructions on how to enter the building through a secret passageway only known to guests who attend the event.”


The fun part about Second Saturday is that I received instructions on how to enter the building through a secret passageway only known to guests who attend the event. Savannah is known for its mysterious hidden alleyways. As I enter into the event I am pleasantly approached by a beautiful woman who asks me for my password, and then hands me over an adult beverage that quenches my thirst on this hot Savannah night.


The passageway opens up to a beautifully decorated event room with a vocals of a smoky voiced woman who is singing the most relaxing music that matches the theme for the night. Even Spanish moss hangs from the beautiful chandeliers as I find my seat at a table surrounded by some of the most beautiful people here in Savannah. Everyone seems to be in a celebratory mood as we all look forward to the dishes that are being prepared in back.


Plate after plate, I'm pleasantly surprised as I excitingly discuss every dish with everyone at my table. The gumbo is served traditional style which is on a bed of potato salad which I find most interesting as I have always been served it on rice. With your choice of cocktail or wine pairings with every course, the night is shaping out to be a joyful one as everyone at my table grows with joyfulness with every dish. The chef has outdone himself this time!


Conversation flows as the drinks are poured and I find myself losing track of time as the night progresses itself. All in all if you are from the area and looking for something new that you have never done before this is something that I would highly suggest and plan on attending many times in the future. Kitchen 320 has spent the time and energy to create a magical evening that is perfect for someone solo or a couple on a romantic evening as well. 

Dessert is served and I am full to the point of bursting!  I drink the last of the cocktail as I excuse myself and wish everyone a great evening. Walking down the secret passageway that I entered the beginning of the night, I think to myself what a great experience I just had and wonder what next month's theme will be.

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