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For Schneider Law Firm’s Cris Schneider, experience and perspective matter

Those facing criminal charges need an attorney they trust to stand by them and represent them in court with extensive legal acumen and a thorough understanding of the law’s many intricacies. They need attorney Cris Schneider, principal of the Schneider Law Firm.

Beginning with his graduation from George Washington University School of Law, Schneider has built a landmark career pursuing the defense of the criminally accused with passion and with an aggressive drive for equal justice under the law.

“The foundation of criminal law is that the defendant is innocent until proven guilty,” he said. “We always begin from there and move forward in the best way possible to protect our clients’ rights.”

During his first 10 years in the field, serving with distinction as a state and federal defense attorney in Atlanta, Schneider built a client base that included celebrities, high-ranking officials and athletes. He also worked alongside nationally renowned defense attorney Drew Findling at Findling Law Firm, proving himself to be a tenacious force in the courtroom.

Interestingly, 2005 saw Schneider move to the other side of the courtroom as prosecuting attorney at the Atlantic Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office. But then, as the author of “Looking Down from the Benches and Up from the Trenches,” Schneider has always valued different perspectives. “I learned nuances of criminal prosecution that ultimately shed light on how I could build stronger defense cases,” he said.

Schneider is not alone in his rigorous defense of his client’s rights. At Schneider Law Firm, he’s built a team who shares his passion for advocating on behalf of the criminally accused. Attorney Shannon Register DeVito, a native of Savannah, began working with the firm four years ago while attending Savannah Law School, and is now a practicing attorney along with Cris Schneider. DeVito is a member of the Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers as well as a life-member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

The two attorneys, Schneider and Devito, handle all their cases as a team, strictly handling criminal defense cases. Joining them at The Schneider Law Firm are Client Liaison Carli Morehouse and Legal Assistants Natalie Crook and Jenna Clark.

And now, he and his team bring that unique blend of experience and perspective to bear for each and every client they represent. As he puts it, “My team and I accurately understand criminal defense and prosecution, and we are dedicated to aggressively protecting the rights of our defendants.”

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