The Savannah Bananas' St. Patrick's Day Surprise


At 5 p.m. last Tuesday we were ushered onto the Grayson Stadium field for a mysterious media sneak peak into the big surprise the Savannah Bananas had for fans at the St. Patrick’s Day themed game. 


If you haven’t heard, we won’t leave you in suspense—the players were wearing custom-made kilts embroidered with the Savannah Bananas logo. In the classic Savannah spirit of St. Patty’s Day, they went all out.

We couldn’t release the history-making news until an hour and a half later when the players stormed the field before a full stadium, but we did get some great photos and the chance to talk with players about their thoughts on wearing this unconventional uniform, and their expectations for how it will impact play. 


When we asked what their initial reaction was to the kilts—which they found out about four days before the game, by the way—they told us they thought it was a joke. Then reality set in. “I thought, there’s no way I’m wearing a kilt out there,” said Sam Claycamp, Bananas number 23 and a junior from Franklin College. 


But now that they’re in them, the Bananas are rowdy and reveling at the chance to dance like the Irish on the field. Apparently kilts afford a lot of flexibility and a good breeze, so maybe baseball kilts aren’t such a bad idea. 

With such a flamboyant uniform, they all agree, beating the Macon Bacon is a must, especially with the ‘Golden Spork’ trophy at stake. 


Because of rainy conditions, we have had to wait until tonight to see the kilts at play—in a baseball capacity, that is—last week they got plenty of field time as the Bananas players took turns using the field-cover tarp as a slip ’n slide, which we are pretty sure has never been done before either. 


Needless to say, we are excited to watch the Bananas play baseball tonight with the luck of the Irish.