The Quest for Fitness

When it comes to finding the perfect workout, everyone has different needs and preferences. With so many fitness trends, gyms and studios, it can be overwhelming when deciding what’s best for you. South has spun, lifted, plied and Shavasanad to create a guide of the best local workouts for your style.

Photo: Blake Crosby

If you like disguised cardio…

Try: Cardio Kickboxing
Why you will love it: Cardio kickboxing combines a martial-arts style workout with fast-paced cardio. However, unlike other “boxing” workouts, cardio kickboxing is strictly non-combat and can be either low- or high-impact, high-intensity, making it an accessible workout for all fitness levels. The exercise builds stamina, coordination and flexibility through upper body movements like jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts along with lower body movements including a variety of kicks and knee strikes. Ditch the treadmill and elliptical for a dynamic workout that burns fat and builds lean muscle.

Where you can do it:
Savannah Combat Club
Fitness on Broughton
Savannah Tae Kwon Do

If You Like Engaging Your Mind and Body…

Try: OTIUM Wellness Space

Why you will love it: This one is for the yogis, or those who always wanted to try yoga but never took the plunge. Otium is located on East Liberty Street but can also be experienced from the Perry Lane Hotel rooftop. This studio also offers TRX, barre, pilates, meditation and infrared-heated workouts with all the intention and flow that come with a traditional yoga class. The benefit of yoga and yoga-inspired workouts is the mental and spiritual recharge that occurs through checking in with your thoughts throughout each series of curated, empowering poses.

Location: Otium Yoga

If You Like (Not-so) Traditional Classes…

Try: Combat Fitness/Fitness on Broughton

Why you will love it: For gym rats who thrive in a traditional setting, Fitness on Broughton offers a familiar gym layout with all of the typical amenities you would expect at a chain but with a local, community feel. They offer free weights, strength and cardio machines, sauna and steam room, and personal training. But unlike a normal gym, they have a selection of group fitness classes that are far from typical. Former Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives Undercover Agent Louis Valoze coaches a self-defense class that is a must-try.

Athlete: Sarah Sandin
Location: Fitness on Broughton
Trainer: Lou Valoze

Photo: D. Paul Graham

If You Like to Run It Out…

Try: Personal Training with John Duberley at PULSEology

Why you will love it: If you crave that endorphin high after a great run, triathlete and Bluffton-based personal trainer John Duberley is your man. Duberley emphasizes working out as a form of self-care, specifically in areas of stress reduction. His job as a personal trainer at PULSEology is to help clients achieve their personal fitness goals as it pertains to cultivating overall happiness. As a world-traveled runner, Duberley is the expert on optimizing runs and getting clients to “PRs” (personal records). So, go ahead, lace up those sneakers and get after it!

Location: PULSEology Fitness 1530 Fording Island Rd., Hilton Head, SC 843.706.9700

Photo: D. Paul Graham

If You Like Functional Training…

Try: Hyperformance Athletics

Why you will love it: Hyperformance training is structured as a “Functional Exercise Program” specifically geared toward anyone who may find themselves in one similar dilemma: being stuck in a rut. Clients enjoy combination workouts that combat mental and fitness plateaus – from rowing, running, biking and lifting to bodyweight calisthenics and more – curated by expert coaches for all fitness levels. While many athletes sacrifice their bodies for sport, Hyperformance athletes use sport to build strength for the long haul. This program’s objective is to ensure clients never get bored and achieve their fitness goals, making an athlete out of anyone!

Athlete: Drew McKenzie
Location: High Performance Athletics

If You Like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)…

Try: OrangeTheory

Why you will love it: Equipped with an OTbeat armband monitor, you can see live results of your workout as you rotate between cardio, rowing and strength training exercises. Orangetheory is perfect for competitive personalities who enjoy heart rate based HIIT. Not only are you constantly challenging yourself for better results, but you will also see how your results stack against the whole class for maximum motivation. The upbeat, fast-paced nature of an Orangetheory class beats boredom by alternating between the treadmill, erg and free weights to keep participants 100% engaged.

Location: OrangeTheory Savannah for more locations

Photo: D. Paul Graham

If You Want To Crank It Up a Notch…

Try: Viking Strength Sports

Why you will love it: This gym has all the equipment needed to take powerlifting to the next level. Viking Strength founders created a strength sports gym specializing in powerlifting, bodybuilding and Olympic-style lifting designed to help clients develop some serious power. However, the power does not come from simply lifting weights, but also from the attitude training and empowerment mindset that Viking Strength trainers instill in their clients. Viking Strength empowers their clients to the max both physically and mentally through a competitive powerlifting community.

Location: Viking Strength Sports / 213 E Broad St., Savannah, GA 912.304.3044

If You Like Mixing It Up…

Try: The Hub
Why you will love it: The Hub offers core centric spin, hot pilates, yoga sculpt, yoga flow, barre, piloxing and the original hot 26 & 2 – making it ideal for someone who likes to mix it up. It can be hard committing to one particular workout and The Hub houses cardio, strength, intense, low impact, group and individual style workouts under one roof. HubRide is Savannah’s only spin studio that integrates two-pound weights, a bike and music for an endorphin-pumping workout. Stop at Blend and Press Wellness Bar located inside to fuel up on plant-based super food beverages.

Location: The Hub / 4505 Habersham St, Savannah, GA 912.356.8280

If You Like Low Impact, Big Results…

Try: Pure Barre
Why you will love it: Pure Barre is a low impact, high intensity workout inspired by elements of ballet, yoga and pilates to yield maximum body toning and sculpting results. Pure Barre offers foundational, classic, cardio and added resistance classes as well as virtual options. This class is a dynamic low impact option for those concerned about stress on joints but still want an effective workout, or for those who have a background in dance (although no dance experience is necessary). Pure Barre is the only workout where a plié will have you breaking a major sweat.

Location: Pure Barre City Market / 10 Whitaker St., Savannah, GA 912.677.9316
Visit for more locations through the Lowcountry.

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