Face of Strength and Fitness

viking strength sports is the face of strength and fitness – photo: blake Crosby 


“A lot of misfits come into our gym,” Katt Mabe says. “Even if another gym has the right kind of equipment, they don’t have the family aspect where the owners and trainers care about them and track their progress. We wanted to create a home for people.” 

Viking Strength Sports is that home. Founded in 2019 by Katt Mabe and Nate Korpusik, the veteran-owned gym (Korpusik was in the Army Infantry) specializes in strength sports – powerlifting, bodybuilding, and Olympic-style lifting. They coach Strongman competitors and work to bring more competitive strength sports to Savannah. “It’s definitely something the community has been craving,” Mabe says. Just this year, they’re hosting three strength competitions. Savannah has historically only had one a year – the Savannah Spring Open – prior to their efforts. They’re truly leading the charge in strength and fitness in Savannah, empowering everyone who walks through their doors to try hard things and conquer big obstacles. vikingstrengthsports.com / 912.304.3044