The Power of Three

Huddled beneath a rental tent, the two-year-old band Lovely Locks was unsure of where the wedding gig on Wilmington Island was going to take them. All they were worried about was protecting their equipment.

“It started thunder storming as soon as we set up,” Britt Scott said, “It was a real bonding session.”

Scott, Crystina Parker and Anna Chandler were three solitary songwriters with separate passions just two years prior in 2011. The acoustic guitar, the accordion and percussion-playing performers recognized shared passion and formed Lovely Locks. The ’50s inspired, tough-girl-edgy styled trio formed the band as a way of highlighting each individual’s talents, while emphasizing harmony and collaboration. 

“While we like to unify [our] look with a color scheme, each member’s personal style shines through,” the group said. 

In regards to their name, they turned to the headstrong, unapologetically unique women who shaped their childhoods like Jem and the Holograms, Sailor Moon and Josie & The Pussycats.

“‘Lovely Locks’ stems from an ’80s heroine who was not as popular as the aforementioned cartoons, but ruled her kingdom with fearlessness, compassion and awesome, multicolored hair.”

The group calls their music style “Folk-infused Pop” and prides themselves on being a very DIY band –tracking and producing their recordings in-house and handling all of their booking, design and promotion. Their DIY production attitude carries over into their on-stage fashion.

“Every year, we design new matching jackets, hand-painted and studded with our logo, we’re happiest when we’re on the-go, so we favor comfortable, practical items that make a statement like motorcycle boots, swing skirts and plenty of pockets to stash our shakers and guitar picks.”

Lovely Locks is now almost four years old and looks back on that rainy wedding on Wilmington Island with fondness.

“The skies cleared just in time for guests to arrive and see the sun setting over the marsh,” said Scott. “The bride and groom were Lovely Locks fans so we played original songs they requested and some classic favorites. It was so special to see such love and fellowship in a gorgeous setting.”

The South is home to the whole group and is where they honed their craft as individuals.

“Crystina grew up picking in bluegrass jams in Alabama, I sang in church choirs in Virginia and Anna’s first exposure to live music was through square dancing in the Carolinas,” Scott said.

They are inspired by the folk tradition of the South; its lovelorn narratives, bravado, understanding of the value of a quiet moment and a raucous chorus.

“We love Savannah,” they said, “we can’t imagine being based anywhere else.”