The Power of Art

Art can impact the world, change convictions and enlighten hearts. This SCAD graduate hopes his art will do even more.
Jon Moody south magazine

Art. This common noun holds bountiful meaning. It is often at the core of our first nonverbal acts of expression. It is that class in school where creativity is explored. It is an element in society that allows for expression of beauty and imagination, as well as the platform for commentary on personal, cultural and societal issues. Throughout history, art is the catalyst by which the artist makes a statement without having to do so directly, and in the world of art every so often an artist reaches the masses in a new and prolific way. Such is the case with New Orleans born artist, Jon Moody.

Moody, an alumnus of the Savannah College of Art and Design, spent his college years developing his artistic talent in our abundantly art-filled community. Additionally he performed athletically and was mentored by SCAD’s Director of Fitness, Sam Carter. Through this relationship, Moody became close with the entire Carter family; leading him to volunteer at the Savannah Rape Crisis Center where Kesha Carter, Sam’s wife, is the Director.

The years Moody spent in Savannah were truly influential and his experiences as a volunteer helped solidify his desire to make his art meaningful. “If I am not working to create pieces that have a meaningful impact on society, then I am wasting my talent,” say Moody referring to his work. 

Moody has graciously painted an original piece to benefit the Rape Crisis Center. To view the piece and read more about Moody's work, pick up the June/July issue of South magazine.