The Pho-Real Deal at The Noodle Bowl

Udon know how much you love noodles until you actually try them, and at The Noodle Bowl, this love for noodles is the real deal. One of Savannah’s top places to stop for all things southeastern Asian cuisine, The Noodle Bowl serves up much more than just one noodle type, appealing to customers that come from all around the globe.

Rice noodles, clear noodles, egg noodles, flat rice noodles, udon noodles, you name it—they have it. The Noodle Bowl gives guests the choice to pick from a wide variety of noodles, each offering their unique texture and taste to a dish. 

 “We’ve had customers say our pho is some of the best in the area, and the beef pho is our most popular dish alongside other dishes like our pad Thai, and Mongolian beef,” says owner Dee Gibson. 

Fusing Southeast Asian cuisine with a love for its Southern American surroundings, this food hotspot offers much more than noodles. From pad Thai, to fried rice, to chicken curry, The Noodle Bowl is a place sure to hit the spot, and is guaranteed to satisfy the preferences of many as the choices for noodle type make this appetizing love affair something that is quite pho-real. 

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