The Need for Speed – DBA Lunch

Founder and CEO of illuminomics!, LLC Chris Miller brought yet another community issue to the Savannah Downtown Business Association this month. The past few meetings have been focused on crime with both Chief Lumpkin and District Attorney Meg Daly Heap telling us what we as downtown residents and business owners can do to ensure our city is a safer place.


Now there is another initiative brought to our attention about how we can further increase the speed of Savannah. Things are moving quite fast I would say, with multiple new shops along Broughton and many more to come as I dodge scaffolding and construction sites on a daily basis. But there is yet another way that we can grow as a city, and that is by sourcing our own broadband. Just as the city of Savannah has it’s own water system in place, we could have our own broadband source as a municipality. He stated that Savannah, when it comes to broadband speed, has fallen behind, and that we are hindering our own economic growth by not changing anything. So how can we fix this? Miller explained that this can be fixed within a time frame as short as a year. It will take time and much of the communities support. More importantly, it will take support and collaboration from the large corporations that currently reside over the market. Thomasville, Sandersville and Dublin already have a system in place, it’s time for Savannah to rev our engines and catch up.​ Click Here for more information.