The Monday 5 Things with D. Paul Graham


Monday 5 Things…..One…..

It was a usual week.  One filled with moments of joy, points of passion, tears from loss, excitement of progress, disappointment in self or others, and the challenges and victory from faith and beliefs.  While sipping a latte at a local coffee shop, I interloped on two people sharing their week with each other.  The more vocal of the two repeatedly said, “well the one thing you need to do is…..”.  Despite an inability to listen to her friend and advice that I thought was decidedly lacking in wisdom, I found myself focused on the word “one”, which sparked todays M5T. 

1. One smile can warm a heart, wipe away a tear, spur a moment, cross a culture, and connect strangers. 

2. One word can build up or tear down, explain or confuse, energize or deplete, or inspire or humiliate.

3. One hope can define a dream, shape a life, overcome a fear, or confront a wrong.

4. One step forward can launch the most incredible of journeys, reveal a new vista, change history, solidify faith, and bring clarity to chaos. 

5. One life can make a difference. 


As we approach Thanksgiving here in the US, may this be a week of sharing your gratitude for those in your life, thankfulness for the overwhelming abundance and freedom that we have, and being inspired and blessed by all the “ones” in your life.

D. Paul Graham is passionate about people, culture, photography and business.  He has embraced his wanderlust with his travels around the globe, and is at peace with his need for spirited drives in all things automotive.  

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