The Middleton Firm, LLC

Environmental Law

Environmental litigation encompasses issues that range from industrial nuisances – odor, noise, and fumes – which can destroy a person’s comfortable enjoyment of his/her own home – to irresponsible practices resulting in threats to peoples’ well-being, such as contaminated water or hazardous materials, which can lead to serious injury, illness, and even death.

Federal, state, and local regulations are complex and often involve dealing with multiple agencies and governmental entities; determining which industrial actors are responsible for causing the problems is often equally difficult. Navigating such claims and holding the proper parties accountable for their actions is a highly technical process; combatting them requires specialized skill and expertise. The Middleton Firm specializes in these types of claims and is ready to win the fight against corporate polluters who disregard the safety, health, well-being, and property rights of their neighbors.

The fierce advocacy of The Middleton Firm is tempered by courtesy and professionalism. Richard Middleton currently serves as the National Treasurer of the ABOTA Foundation Trustees. The American Board of Trial Advocates is an invitation-only legal organization comprised of all types of attorneys, plaintiffs and defense, as well as judges. The organization strives to improve the ethical and technical standards of practice in the field of civil advocacy and to elevate the standards of integrity, honor,  and courtesy in the legal profession.

Mr. Middleton also serves on the National Board of Directors of ABOTA and as Co-Chair of the American Civil Trial Bar Roundtable. He also instructs in trial advocacy at the Washington & Lee University School of Law.

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