The Master of Her Craft

Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Celeste Headlee, producer and host of radio show On Second Thought, shares her secrets to success.

A calm, even voice speckled with curiosity wafts through radio speakers each morning at 9 a.m. This lively voice calls listeners to tune in and discover news stories that deserve to be examined from an additional lens. It’s a voice listeners can trust. It’s the voice that belongs to Georgia Public Broadcasting’s Celeste Headlee. 

As the creator and host of On Second Thought, Headlee strives to bring a new and engaging depth to previously reported stories. In one hour, she and her guests discuss topics that range from politics and health care to literature and music. They have current conversations and care about hearing voices that too often are disregarded or ignored. 

According to Headlee, the show has a “strict no-pundit policy” to keep the conversations rich with authenticity and free from preplanned talking points.  

So how does a broadcast journalist earn the clout and the trust of producers to develop her own show, on her own terms? The answer: experience. 

Find out more about Celeste's experience and her tips for career success in the June/July Issue of South magazine.