The Last Stop: Cedar Key, Florida A Historic Pier, Haunted Hotel and a Cat Bar

Featuring photographer Craig Bromley

Photography / Craig Bromley

I have photographed historic piers all over the world, so when I discovered there was one five hours away from Atlanta, I grabbed my vintage 1960 film camera and hit the road! What is left of the old pier are now restaurants, shops, and a hotel. A modern fishing pier was completed in 2008 next to the historic wing.

There are no white, sandy beaches, but there are several charming restaurants, including Liam and Madi’s Bar, run by a couple of very friendly cats. On one side of the Key you can see the sun rise, and you can watch it set on the other side.

The Island Hotel is a haunted 1859 structure with great food, kind employees, and the unique 1947 Neptune Lounge.

Oh, and don’t forget that there is apparently a spirit of a murdered prostitute from prohibition times when the hotel was a speak-easy and brothel. Rumor has it that the shy ghost is quite friendly. She simply sits on the bed in the middle of the night and kisses guests on the cheek, then disappears in a smoky haze.

– Craig Bromley, Atlanta, Georgia

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