The Guide to Executive Dining

That Savannah is a food-lover's paradise is a given. You can't throw a rock in this town without hitting a fabulous place to eat and drink. Choose the right restaurant and all the aspects of the power-dining experience will work to your advantage. Always keep in mind your game plan—to land a deal, build a relationship, make a sale. 

Gibraldi's Cafe

Perfect for a client who:

Is an adventurous eater,

enjoys a bustling atmosphere,

enjoys old-world gracious decor



Circa 1875

Perfect for a client who: 

Wants to reminisce about their last visit to Europe,

would appreciate super-sized portions,

already ate—they can order from the Gastro Pub menu



The Florence

Perfect for a client who: 

Is a fan of TV's Top Chef Masters (owner Hugh Acheson was a contestant),

would enjoy a drink after dinner at the rooftop bar,

appreciates farm-to-table cuisine


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