The Future of Flight Is Now!

It's 2021 and it is easier to fly than ever before. While society has not reached the Space-Age vision of Jetsons’ flying cars, personally piloted flight might be closer than you’d think!

View of Tybee Island from above, courtesy of Savannah Aviation.

The problem with personal flight is that it seems inaccessible. It’s almost an American right of passage to consider what it’d be like to fly. We have flying superheroes, cartoons with flying cars, more airlines than we can count, advanced flight technologies like jetpacks and more.

However, flying still seems out of reach. Private planes are expensive, regular flights are increasingly difficult to navigate and—despite our childhood aspirations—we haven’t yet developed the physical ability to fly.

Despite these factors, the Lowcountry holds the key to the best, most accessible option for personal flight. Savannah Aviation, based in Savannah, Georgia, is the Southeast’s premier flight training, computer testing, and aircraft maintenance facility. Recently, Savannah Aviation was certified as a Cirrus Aircraft Training Center, enabling students to receive flight instruction in general aviation’s most sought after aircraft, the Cirrus SR20 G6.

Photo courtesy of Savannah Aviation

View from the Cirrus SR20 G-6 courtesy of Savannah Aviation. Imagine yourself up here!

“These aircrafts are game-changing,” said David Scroggs of Savannah Aviation. “Cirrus is bringing a whole new customer to aviation, and our new Cirrus SR20 G6 is the pinnacle of aviation technology. It’s an incredibly safe and easy-to-fly aircraft, and the advancements in comfort, technology, and safety are unsurpassed. We’re excited about serving the aviation community with this new SR20 and our partnership with Cirrus Aircraft.”

The newly acquired Cirrus G-6 SR-20 aircrafts for Savannah Aviation.

If personal flight still seems like a thing of the future, it’s time to change your mindset. The ability to fly on your own in a personal aircraft is here, and Savannah Aviation has just made it incredibly easy to learn how. The SR20 is a top-of-the-line plane and Savannah Aviation is now the one and only specially trained facility throughout coastal Georgia. However, specially trained doesn’t mean exclusive; on the contrary, it means they have the skills and training to make flight training as easy and thorough as possible.

It’s 2021. Take your dreams off hold. Try something new. Challenge yourself. Take on a new frontier.

For more information on Savannah Aviation, visit them online here or call 912.964.1022.