The Faces of Faith

An nguyen, founder and president, buddhist association of savannah – photo: colin douglas gray

"Faith in Savannah is getting strong and stronger. We have seen our community become accepted by many others. There is a welcomeness. There is an openness. It is what we are about; love, compassion, and a warm heart."


The Faces of Faith 

A look back at South magazine's 6th issue from Dec 2006/Jan 2007. Our "Faces of Faith" feature introduced readers to the spiritual side of the Hostess City, and the holy men who call it home. 

pastor thurmond n. tillman, first african baptist church – photo: colin douglas gray

"We have a deep faith in Savannah that goes back many, many years. We are a modern faith built upon history. We thrive on making sure we are faithful to more than just being caretakers of history. We continue to build upon and we see a sense of serving this present age. We have to see out and care for the least, the last, and lost."


father jeremiah j. mccarthy, judicial vica, blessed sacrament church – photo: colin douglas gray

"In the Fathers house there are many matches. Throughout the world there are many faces. There is incredible diversity. To me, that reflects the heart of God. There is not one room. There is not one church. There is an expansiveness. Wheh we are talking about the faces of faith we are talking about all the people of God."                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

reverend father vasile mihai, st. paul's greek orthodox church – photo: colin douglas gray

"Christianity from the beginning was very diverse. The face of faith has always been diverse. It is like the icons in our church. There is no design, per se. No one planned to have a certain look. It comes about by the refined understanding of the kingdom."

rabbi arnold mark belzer, congregation mickve israel – photo: colin douglas gray

"The face of faith is one that believes in and has great pride in this community; blacks, whites, Christians, Jews, Muslims, and others. It is also this face that shows a sensitivity to others through faith and understanding. An understanding that faith is about believing in something more."

maajid f. ali, imaam, masjid jihad mosque – photo: colin douglas gray

"The face of faith is going through a state of transition through transparency and inclusion. It is in a state of tolerance. But at some point we must move from tolerance to a genuine acceptance. There are many paths a

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