The Face of Justice

 Meet Attorney Mark Tate. While a lot of attorneys will tell you they are fighting for you, Mark Tate does more than just tell you. He can show you.

He can show you landmark cases where his firm, Tate Law Group, kept on fighting when other firms would have tapped out. There was the medical malpractice lawsuit in rural Georgia, in a county where other firms had told Tate you should never take that type of case in that county. Tate fought for his clients’ fair compensation there and won a record verdict. There was the pioneering work his firm spearheaded in helping gain compensation for workers injured and killed in the Imperial Sugar disaster. Again, many believed that the workers’ compensation bar applied, but Tate Law Group figured out the corporate structure and got his clients compensated through civil litigation. 

He can show you the work his firm is doing from Georgia up the east coast all the way to New York State representing over a hundred counties and municipalities in opiate litigation to hold the pharmaceutical firms accountable for the opioid crisis. But most importantly, he’ll show you that the same strategic brilliance and dogmatic pursuit of justice that went into those landmark cases goes into earning fair compensation for each client he represents. No matter how big or small, Tate Law Group has made it their trademark to achieve success. “It’s not just getting cases and resolving them,” says Tate. “We also take cases that others won’t.”

Tate and his firm are especially proud of their work holding wrongdoers accountable for child sex abuse and violent negligent security. 

Covering everything from medical malpractice to wrongful death, car crashes, product and premises liability, Tate Law Group won’t stop until you’ve received the compensation you deserve.