The Face of Empowerment

 Meet Mo Dixon. For Mo Dixon, empowerment isn’t just about knowing you hold all the cards. Although she’d be the first to tell you a great hand certainly helps. 

A modern-day success story, Dixon found herself “free” after 18 years and on a mission to get back what she had lost. Her focus remained on her children, empowering not only herself, but those around her and to be a force for inspiration no matter the story. Dixon’s entire life from her degrees (she’s a chiropractor), to raising her athletic sons (collegiate athletes included) to her sense of style and dedication to living a healthy lifestyle (from the inside out) affords her the ability to be a champion of empowerment. Through her Sea Oar Be Seen Boutique (formerly Lisa Lisa’s Gift Closet) she helps women empower themselves through self-expression with a huge variety of clothing, gifts and decor. Through her running and her motivational hot Pilates classes at The Hub she’s giving the students the physical and mental strength they need to accomplish anything. Empowerment is multifaceted and requires both internal and external factors; a healthy interior leads to a healthy exterior. Her store and her classes allow her to achieve both, an opportunity Dixon doesn’t take lightly. Dixon also feels if you are dealt a bad hand, it’s not the end of the world. “It’s OK to fold,” she says, “just make sure to get dealt another hand, put your poker face on and move forward… It also doesn’t hurt to wear fabulous shoes.” / 912.712.5060