The Eyes Have It

Dr. Richard Schulze Jr. has a clear vision for Schulze Eye & Surgery Center

There are some doctors who view medicine as transactional, as a business like any other wherein goods and services are exchanged for money. But Dr. Richard Schulze, Jr. doesn’t see things that way. He envisions his work as an eye surgeon as a calling, one instilled in him by three previous generations of doctors who treated patients with care, not just as customers.

“My father, also an eye surgeon, was one of the happiest, most fulfilled people I knew growing up. He truly loved helping people,” he says. “He was a tremendous role model to me, and that’s why I went into medicine.”

It was his father’s guiding principles of medicine that laid the framework for the younger Dr. Schulze’s views on medicine and guided him to becoming one of Savannah’s most celebrated eye surgeons. “Treat each patient as if he or she was a family member, and the rest just falls into place.” 

An Eye On Technology
While Dr. Schulze takes an old-school approach to medicine, his practice leads the way in high-tech solutions. Their suite of technological marvels includes custom LASIK with the iDesign system and the implantable collamer lens for extreme nearsightedness.  For cataract patients, options include basic cataract surgery, as well as refractive cataract surgery techniques including toric lenses for astigmatism and multifocal lenses such as the Symfony and PanOptix to provide simultaneous far and near vision.
And it’s not just about having the right tools for the job – Schulze Eye & Surgery Center backs each procedure with years of experience, having been among the first to adopt these new technologies as they came on the market. The result is clearer vision from experts you can trust.
Schulze Eye Center
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