The Dos and Don'ts of Divorce with David Schachter

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5 Things David Schachter says You Should Know Before You Go

1. Don’t listen to your friends! Just because last year your friend went through the ultimate divide doesn’t mean she’s a divorce expert. Every divorce is unique. Solid legal counsel is the best.

2. Find a reputable attorney and listen to counsel! Referrals from friends are a good start, but solid credentials and a proven track record are a must. There are websites like Martindale-Hubbell ( that lists specific client reviews of attorneys from all 50 states, a good starting point for researching who will represent you.

3. Beware of the attorney who promises you the moon or tells you what they think you want to hear. Realize there are no guarantees or promises a lawyer can make in this area of law. If an attorney promises you a specific result, head to the door.

4. Some of the consequences of your past decisions can’t be fixed, not even with the best of divorce attorneys. Sometimes what’s done can’t be undone. Be patient. It most likely took you and your partner a long time to create the mess in which you find yourselves and it will likely take some time to clean it up.

5. Don’t be unnecessarily punitive! Karma can be a tough master, so resist the urge to be vindictive towards your soon-to-be ex-spouse, especially if you have children. You will most likely have to interact with your ex long after the divorce and lawyers go away.

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