Dr. Carmela Pettigrew and husband, Dr. Chris Pettigrew


Dr. Chris Pettigrew and his wife Dr. Carmela Pettigrew.


She’s an OB/GYN. He’s a plastic surgeon. Together they are helping patients feel healthier and more confident. Dr. Chris Pettigrew, Savannah Plastic Surgery Associates, and his wife Dr. Carmela Pettigrew, OBGYN Center, love serving the community in their respective fields.

When the Pettigrews aren’t practicing medicine, they’re enjoying the outdoors at their hunting lodge in South Carolina with their family. “Just us, the kids and the dog makes for the ultimate getaway.” Although both Pettigrews had dreams of being plastic surgeons as teenagers, Dr. Chris continued on that route and Dr. Carmela changed course after her first OB/GYN rotation in medical school. She says, “From seeing a mother-to-be excited about the prospect of having a little boy or girl to watching a smiling child go home for the first time, the whole experience of being an OB/GYN is gratifying.”

“I always wanted to be a plastic surgeon,” says Dr. Chris, and the most rewarding part? “For me it is my patients’ satisfaction and happiness after coming to see me. If my patient is happy with their results, that is a great feeling.”

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