The Confessions of a Savannah Pedicab Driver

It doesn’t take long, driving a pedicab through the streets of Savannah, before you can officially say you’ve seen everything. For Tommy, it only took about a year or so.

It’s not always messianic impersonators, but every night lands someone new in Tommy’s cab with a story to tell. If you’ve roamed these streets after dark, you’ve seen some of the characters that come out to play.

Semi-professional nerds in cosplay. Gin-soaked businessmen. Dudebros out on a bender. Dreamers. Artists. Shady types. And Tommy’s practically ferried them all in his pedicab – from the sober to the blacked out, from the petite to the generously hefty and everyone in between.

And while he welcomes one and all, Tommy is quick to share an old pedicab driver joke about the ideal passengers:

Even if you don’t quite fit that bill, Tommy is happy to get you were you’re going. Call up Savannah Pedicab and Tommy or one of his colleagues should be along in about 10 minutes.

“It was Halloween. A guy got into my cab dressed like Jesus carrying this giant cross.”

For $25, you can spend a half-hour touring the city (one hour is $45) and hearing a few more tales from the streets. So how about catching a pedicab to take you to the other side of downtown? Under a half hour, it’s trips for tips: it’s up to you to take care of the driver. Otherwise, it's usually anywhere from $5- $20 or a buck a block.

Just do Tommy a favor – whether you’re a skinny girl or not, you can always leave a big tip. Just maybe leave your giant cross at home.

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Savannah Pedicab / 912-232-7900