The Bowery Sports Prohibition-Era Beauty, Attracts Wave of Residents

Step foot into The Bowery and something special happens. You’re no longer in 2017.

In fact, you’re actually closer to 1917.

White walls contrast dark surroundings kissed by dim lights that set the mood prevalent during the Prohibition Era. And if you didn’t get that feeling right away, you will when (if) you find the hidden door to the speakeasy.

The Bowery is one the newest living options to The Hostess City. It opened just this past December, but it was designed to look and feel like it’s been here forever, untouched by the countless trends that have shaped what an apartment looks like over the past 100 years.

“Savannah really came up in the 1920s, the Prohibition Era, and so much of what we’ve done here is focused on that,” said Erin Davis, Property Manager at The Bowery. “The response has been absolutely amazing.”

The idea from the start was to build a space that looks like it’s always been there, and that included keeping a massive tree directly in front of the property as intact as possible. Davis said the construction crew did everything they could to minimize any trimming that needed to happen. The result is a tree that looks like it’s grown around the building, not the other way around.

"Apartment living is growing nationally, even more in Georgia and specifically in the Savannah area."

Apartment living is growing nationally, even more in Georgia and specifically in the Savannah area. At the end of 2016, the national rate of homes that were owner-occupied was 63.7%. In Savannah, that number was dramatically lower at just over 44.2%. With more people wanting to worry less about their property and more about enjoying their lives outside of work, apartments need to provide amenities that attract and retain residents.

“The want high-end finishes, walkability and outdoor living spaces, and we offer all of that,” Davis said of The Bowery’s tenants. “We’re three blocks from Forsythe Park and it’s a never-ending event space, so it’s a great fit for someone who wants to be close to that but not in the hustle and bustle on Broad Street.

Despite the premium prospective tenants put on the look and location of a place, not far down the list is the demand—the expectation—of fast, reliable internet. “That is, 100%, a question everyone asks here when they’re trying to decide if they want to live here,” Davis said. People rely so heavily on internet for work and for leisure that rental properties need to make sure it’s a part of the plan. Plans from the start included connecting with a reliable provider to help close the deal, and The Bowery chose Hargray Communications to provide that.

“I had a resident email me when he first moved in who’s WiFi hadn’t yet been connectedd. He said, ‘I need Wi-Fi more than I need air! Is there any way we can move this up?’ I got in touch with Joe Trolio at Hargray, and they did it—they rearranged their schedule to make it happen. Comcast isn’t gonna care when you call about that.”

The Bowery is connected to Hargray’s fiber network, and Davis said the difference is clear as day when compared to other networks. Everything her team does is electronic—they don’t keep paper files. From signing leases to emailing maintenance questions, it’s all done digitally. Providing fast, reliable internet to both residents and staff is basically a prerequisite to staying in business.

“One of the great things about our setup with Hargray is you don’t have to call a big corporate company,” she said. “You get a personal rep who knows this property, who shows up to resident events, and they know they can text him, email him and he’ll make their priority his priority.”

The marriage between The Bowery’s classic 1920s décor and Hargray’s 21st century network has been a blessing when it comes to attracting tenants. Close to 90 percent of the 59 units are occupied and the waiting list “goes on for days” according to Davis. Residents including SCAD students, military, doctors, retirees and young professionals are finding that the comforts of home don’t have to come from being a homeowner.

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