The Bowen Law Group

Savannah’s Hollywood lawyer is ready for his closeup.

When you walk into the penthouse office of The Bowen Law Group for the first time, it feels like you are stepping right onto the set of the latest blockbuster legal thriller.  But unlike the movies, the work being done by Charles “Bo” Bowen and his talented team of legal professionals is undeniably real. They may be working in the glittery world of Hollywood glamour, but the work they have performed over the past decade has often catapulted Bo’s name into the news and turned his practice into a household topic of conversation.

Bo has worked with some of the most famous clients in the world and is widely known as one of the top corporate and entertainment attorneys in the country. He has convinced multiple movie and television productions to film in Savannah and he is quick to sing the praises of all the local government leaders and crew members who make up the backbone of the local entertainment industry.

“The best part of being a lawyer is the ability to fight injustice, stand up to bullies, and help others achieve success.  The second best part is getting paid to read, write, think, talk, and argue…all things I would do anyway.” ​

While Bo is best known for his work in the entertainment arena, it is his love of local businesses that remains his true passion. He represents dozens of companies in the Savannah area, large and small.  When Bo takes a case, his clients reap the benefit of his encyclopedic knowledge of the law, experience, and intense personal investment, as well as his ready wit and charm.

Bo’s work to build the local entertainment industry and promote Savannah as one of the greatest places in the world to conduct business has not gone unnoticed.  A resolution passed by the Georgia State Senate in March recognized Bo for all of his contributions to the legal profession.  He was also honored as an Outstanding Georgia Citizen by the Georgia Secretary of State.

These accolades, of course, are just the public story.  Behind the scenes, Bo retains the trademark sense of humor that has defined his reputation and makes sure the word “boring” is never applied to The Bowen Law Group. In fact, despite everything he has accomplished over the past year, he passionately insists that his work will never be complete until he has finally convinced Posh Spice to join the Spice Girls’ reunion tour.

Knowing Bo, it’s probably just a matter of time.

Charles Bowen can be reached at 912.544.2050, 7 E Congress St #1001, Savannah, Ga 31401 or visit