The Backbone Of A New Practice

Dr. Bishop is using outpatient spine surgery to make a difference

It may seem like one of those medical pipe dreams, a futurist’s fantasy on what pain care could one day become: outpatient spinal surgery. Given the delicate nature of the spine, all of its multiple nerves convening in a fragile framework, you might think that any operation must lean toward the traditional fusion surgery. But at Neurological Solutions, the practice of Dr. Randy Bishop, that dream is made reality through seasoned skill and the latest in high-tech advances. Dr. Bishop places his focus on endoscopic spine surgery, an outpatient procedure for back problems which results in shorter in-patient times and more importantly quicker recovery times. One of the few spine surgeons offering this procedure in our area, he balances this approach to spinal surgery with a full suite of treatments from stem cell therapy to brain, neck and hand surgery to revolutionize surgical solutions to pain.

About The Doc
Dr. Bishop has been in the practice of neurological surgery in Savannah, Georgia since 1996. During this time he has performed thousands of neurosurgical procedures involving both cranial and spinal pathologies, serving as part of the neurosurgical team that has introduced numerous neurosurgical “firsts” to the region. This innovative focus has positioned him as one of the principle founders of numerous neurosurgical companies that focus on developing techniques and instrumentation necessary to perform outpatient minimally invasive neurosurgery. He holds patents on spinal implants used in minimally invasive spine surgery that have been used in over 200,000 surgeries. Additionally, Dr. Bishop serves as the medical director of the first and only Neurosurgical Ambulatory Surgery Center in the region which has been the site for over 10,000 outpatient neurosurgical procedures since 2008.
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