The 9th Annual DineSouth Was a Culinary Success

Take some of the best restaurants in town and add some of the best people in town and you get an event that will go down in history as one of the best Savannah has ever seen.

We didn't know if we could pull it off. Hurricane Matthew swept in two weeks ago and dampened our beautiful DineSouth dreams. We were forced to reschedule our most popular event at the last minute. Could we really pull a rain check of this magnitude off? 

Seems like the answer was a resounding hell yes! 

Thanks to our incredible venders, sponsors, staff and volunteers, DineSouth went off without a hitch. Actually that's an understatement. DineSouth was an incredible scene of culinary mastery that brought the people of Savannah together after one of the most devastating storms in years.

It was Savannah's first big night out after Matthew, and we sure showed him who's boss. People from all over the city came together to celebrate the foodie fun culture that keeps Savannah going. From the delicious deviled eggs at a.Lure's booth to the Southern pub goodies at Ordinary Pub's table, Southern culture and food was abound. It was an incredible sight to see hundreds of Savannahians together and happier than ever. 

It was hard, but we narrowed it down to five moments that made the night spectacular. 


1. Tell Scarlet's Sounds

Our new favorite local band, Tell Scarlet, rocked the house tonight! Their sounds put such a unique spin on our favorite classics. This family seriously knows how to play. The entire crowd got so into their set at one point I thought we had all shown up for a Tell Scarlet concert that also happened to have awesome food and an open bar. 


2. The Outdoor Festival

The set up inside was awesome, but as soon as you walked out the back door, you entered a whole new world. From the food trucks to the fire breathers to the rock wall, it was as if a festival celebration of epic proportions was going on outside Savannah Station. It was so cool to be able to go from one world to the next, all within one party. 


3. All the Southern Flavors

The. Food. Period. I mean wow. The restaurants seriously stepped it up this year! If you didn't make it a point to stop at each booth at least once, you missed out. I got the chance to try so many restaurants that I haven't had a chance to try yet, or weren't even on my radar. Let me tell you, now they certainly are. I can't wait to hit some of these places up to get a taste of their full menus!


4. The Silent Auction for RCC

The numbers haven't been calculated yet, but we have a feeling they'll be higher than ever before! Not only were the silent auction prizes incredible, but also the bids were outstanding. You all really outdid yourself in honor of the Rape Crisis Center of the Coastal Empire, an oranization that does so much good for the women and families in our area who truly need it.


5. Seeing all of you!

The best part of the night by far was seeing all our friends, family, clients, and readers together in one place. We couldn't be more proud of the product we produce every other month, but when y'all come out to support us, it shows how much you love it too! Your support means the world to us.


It brings tears to our eyes knowing that in the wake of everything that has happened over the past few weeks, our town still knows how to come together and support one another. That's why we love our community, why we love Savannah, and why we love all of y'all! Thanks for another incredible DineSouth event!