That's a Wrap! Five Reasons Why Customizing Your Ride Makes Sense

You’ll be hard pressed to find a review that doesn’t mention “quality” and “craftsmanship” when it comes to Port City Customs. Having worked in this field since the age of 16, Brandon Edenfield puts the soul in custom automotive builds, window tints, floor and building wraps and commercial branding.

Edenfield tells me they do it all. “Pretty much anything you can do to your ride to make it yours and make it cool, that’s our game.”

That’s not to say he doesn’t still encounter challenges on the job. “I have had a vehicle that has literally given me the run-around, that we needed to possess. And that was the vehicle … The truck fought us every step of the way and everything that could go wrong went wrong — but in the end, it turned out to be the most amazing job we’ve ever put down. It still looks beautiful to this day.” The results and reviews do not lie; the proof is in the photos.

The Port City Customs team takes pride in the difference their wraps make, but the before-and-after transformation is Edenfield’s second favorite part of his work. “I just love seeing the customer’s face when they come and pick up their car that is probably the most joy I get out of my job.”

Edenfield is a customization artist, as many seek his business not only for the services but for the creative consultation. “When [customers] give me creative free-will, that’s when I’m at my best.”

While Port City Customs' expertise and artistry are hard to deny, there are plenty of practical reasons why you should call them for bodywork. Here are Brandon Edenfield’s 5 Reasons Why for Port City Customs:

Paint Protection

When you buy a new car, you are probably interested in protecting your investment down to the layer of paint covering your new vehicle. Customers often ask about paint protection film, but this method is outdated. Edenfield educates me, “Vinyl is the new thing. Usually we get a customer that wants to do a paint protection film and we try to talk to them about wrapping the whole car and maybe something custom that they’d like.”

Everything, including standard paint protection, is taken to the next level.

Before and After of a recent wrap done at Port City Customs


Long-Term Cost Effective…

Whether it’s a new paint job or constantly mending paint chips and scratches, vinyl automotive wraps are the best long-term, wallet-friendly solution. Vinyl wraps are self-healing. Under heat conditions, nicks and chips in the coat meld over to smooth the damage, protecting your paint and saving a trip to the body shop.


Deciding on a vehicle color is nerve wracking. However, it doesn’t have to be such a daunting choice. Automotive wraps can be easily removed or changed for any reason. When regretting a color choice or simply craving a change, custom wraps offer flexibility when it comes to personalizing your ride.

It Just Looks Cool…

“The possibilities are literally endless,” is Edenfield’s response when I ask about customization options. “We have everything from wood grain to alligator leather to carbon fiber and chrome.” I could sense he had even more to add, but I was sold on the alligator leather.

Building Brands…

Alligator leather is not exactly a practical option, but Port City Custom’s commercial wraps are. Just as they build custom vehicles, they can help build a brand as well. Trust goes a long way in business relationships and Port City’s clients return time and again for lasting, impactful branding. Capitalize on surface area as walls, windows, floor, boats and vehicles are all in their wheelhouse. Again, the possibilities are endless. You can wrap with your logo, images, or choose from hundreds of colors both gloss, matte or transition. 



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For more information on how you can get your project wrapped, contact designer Brandon Edenfield at 912-480-7061 or visit their Facebook Page.