Teresa Cowart is the Face of Success

teresa cowart is the face of success – photo: d. paul graham


Meet Teresa Cowart. This is Real Estate Southern-mama style. 

For Teresa, success can’t be measured in dollars and cents. It’s about helping others and servant leadership. “A home is the biggest investment people make in their lives. It’s a huge responsibility – one I don’t take lightly,” she explained. Teresa started her real estate journey over 15 years ago, newly divorced, with three young daughters. “We had some challenges to overcome because of the career I’d chosen. It’s not nine-to-five. It’s very ‘life consuming.’ We made a pact, and we were in it together,” she said. Today, Cowart leads a team of 30 and is co-owner of three RE/MAX franchises and a Motto Mortgage. Teresa is grateful that her success allows her to be a role model for her daughters, help her agents be successful and reinvest in the community that helped her grow. When she looks back at her journey and into her future, she is loving life and is truly humbled and blessed to be doing something she loves and leaving her own kind of legacy. teresacowartteam.com / 912.525.0900