Tequila’s Town

The vision behind Tequila’s Town was to be a place where you could have great tequila and a good taco. Mission accomplished.

Tequila’s Town is now the place for tequilas and tacos. Since first opening its downtown location in 2013, Tequila’s Town has quickly earned its rightful title
of the best Mexican eatery in Savannah.

From their authentic and traditional Mexican recipes to the modern twists on beloved Tex-Mex favorites to their world-class selection of tequila, customers leave happy and eager to return. By experimenting with food and flavors, Tequila’s Town is able to ensure that each bite will be a memorable one. 

Order up some of Tequila’s Town’s famous tableside guacamole, made with only fresh Mexican avocados tailored to include your preferred ingredients and spice level. Delicious street-style tacos are made to order, with plenty of vegetarian options available. 

To celebrate its three-year anniversary, Tequila’s Town launched its own house-branded tequila, Tequila Blanco. This 100% premium agave spirit, which is used in all of their delicious premium margaritas and classic tequila cocktails, is the first tequila to be branded in Savannah. With over 80 labels of premium tequilas, tequila aficionados are sure to rejoice.

tequilastown.com • Downtown: 109 Whitaker St., 912.236.3222, Sandfly: 7360 Skidaway Road, Suites G1&G2, 912.226.3307