Tequila's Town Narrowly Escapes Emergency

Written By Emilie Kefalas

Tequila’s Town, one of Savannah’s top go-to restaurant for quality Tex-Mex cuisine, experienced a hit-and-run this week when the venue experienced a temporary shut down, according to Owner Melody Rodríguez-Ortiz Schanely.  My immediate thoughts upon hearing the news were, “Wait, is everything okay?  Can I still get my margaritas and guacamole?”  I reached out to Rodríguez-Ortiz Schanely via email to clarify any speculation and concern surrounding the incident.  To my relief (and Savannah’s), Tequila’s is now back up and fully operational according to Rodríguez-Ortiz Schanely.         


“Yes, we are tired of the hit and runs that only get ticketed,” Rodríguez-Ortiz Schanely said.  The owner says she intends to make a request to the city regarding the occurrence. 


“Maybe placing poles along the service wall or something,” Rodríguez-Ortiz Schanely said.  “Alleys are difficult to work with when you have service lines running everywhere.”


For a moment I was worried I would no longer be able to stop in for my favorite platter of nachos or steal bites of rice from my friend’s order of enchiladas.  The situation could have been much worse, and thankfully, Tequila’s and her staff are back to serving their signature dishes and drinks during their normal hours of operation at their Savannah location on 109 Whitaker Street.  Gracias a dios y’all.  

109 Whitaker St.

Savannah, GA 31401