Ten Years Of Style

Remember what you wore back in 2006? So do we. A fun look back at our exciting style shoots from the past ten years.

When we started South magazine, we wanted to push the limits of creativity in a town where creativity reigns supreme. The genteel South is known for its prim and proper attitude, but in the microcosm of Savannah, there are no rules, just eccentric people welcoming you into their eccentric lives. We wanted to break free of those preparatory rules of style and show the world that the Creative Coast is edgy and restrained, formal and relaxed, glamorous, glitzy, graceful, and gritty. Over the past 10 years we never thought we’d create such compelling fashion stories, but with the help of our talented photographers and visionary fashion editors, we feel truly inspired and excited for what the next 10 years will bring. 

What started out as a couple of people shooting in a small office in 2006 blossomed into high fashion photo-shoots that challenge even global marketing campaigns. Our first cover shot, photographed by Russ Bryant, is a testament to our dedication to breaking the rules. We are “The Style of the New South,” showing that what you wear and how you carry yourself can make the boldest statement imaginable. We relish the fact that we’ve been able to inspire you. Here is a look back at some of our favorite fashion editorials that broke the mold of Southern style and inspired our readers to do the same.