Take to the Skies

Galin Hernandez and Millie Santiago live by the mantra, “A mile of road will take you a mile away. A mile of runway will take you around the world.” Their preferred form of travel consists of tiny airplanes called Homebuilt experimental planes. When Galin expressed interest in buying a plane, his cunning wife Millie said that she would climb aboard “only if we travel, not just fly around in one spot.” Galin agreed to her wishes, and now the two take annual trips with other flying couples. Today the couple owns two planes and travel with over 22 people who also own or rent planes.


​Galin coordinates the flying routes and stops, while his partner, Anthony Perea, coordinates the ground tours and island hops upon their arrival at each destination. The trips tend to last 10 days. The slower, smaller planes take off earlier than the larger ones so that everyone arrives at the same time. Regardless of how much planning goes into the trip, however, Galin and Millie admit that things are almost always destined to go awry. Galin says, “Things are going to happen-you’re not a tourist; you are a traveler; you are like Amelia Earnhardt or Charles Lindbergh. Flying is an adventure, and this is truly a bucket list adventure for most of us.”


To join them in flight contact them here. Cost of plane kits vary, but range from $8,000 to $20,000.