Take a Dip in the Devil's Den

Go back in time with this Florida underground cave.

On a cold winter morning, Native American tribes and early settlers watched with trepidation as the chimney from hell breathed natural steam into the air. They named the anomaly Devil’s Den Springs.

Today, Devil’s Den—a 54 feet deep underground cave— is a popular tourist destination, teeming with families, hobbyist divers, and researchers alike, all looking to explore this prehistoric spring.

Devil’s Den equips its visitors for one or two daytime adventures: scuba diving and snorkeling. Both activities allow you to experience freshwater wildlife throughout four underwater passageways.

But what truly captivates visitors is its capacity to transport visitors back in time. Devil’s Den is home to the fossils of extinct animals—including ground sloths and saber-toothed cats—and human remains that date as far back as 7,500 B.C.

A voyage into these seemingly mythical waters is an excursion of both discovery and exquisite beauty.

To find out more about Devil's Den, visit devilsden.com.

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