Sweet Sweet Gifts for V Day

We’re just two days away now from the sweetest day of the year. Valentine’s Day shows his beaming shiny red face to us on a Wednesday, not the most opportune time to get as romantic as the movies might want us to get (Early night for me, honey. Big 8 a.m. meeting tomorrow).  But that doesn’t mean we can’t indulge ourselves with flowers, chocolates, an extravagant dinner, going to bed early (so you are well rested for the meeting in the morning). This holiday is just the right time to reward yourself for how hard you work day in and day out. 

This isn’t just for the singles out there, though. We’ve included what you need to gift your life long lover, or someone you’re interested in courting. Make a move this year, in the name of Cupid!


Wright Square 

The chocolate case is always stocked full with chocolates from ten different chefs from all around the country. Turtles, truffles, and candies, everything to satisfy those who might be without a sweet tooth (can you believe they really exist?). 

The truffle of the hour belongs to the French Dark Chocolate Truffle. An impeccably sweet and decadent delight powdered to perfection. 

Wright Square Cafe is located at 21 West York Street, Savannah, GA. You can reach them by phone to call for catering and orders: (912) 238-1150 or go online here


Rise Donuts Savannah 

Goodness, it is hard to resist the doughnuts at Rise Savannah. The new French toast doughnut is a b-e-a-UTIFUL doughnut with fresh fruit and whipped cream. Get a little breakfast in bed with these breakfast-desserts for Valentine's Day. 

But it does not stop there! Rise Donuts also has breakfast sandwiches so rich and full of flavor. THIS is how you eat and have a good time doing it. 

Rise Downtown Savannah 10 West Broughton Street, (912) 454-8084, or visit here. 


Edible Arrangements 

The new classic staple of any gift giving season: a bouquet you can snack on. You've probably seen the advertisements, but have you ever really tried one of these? A unique twist on an old custom that we don't want to give up. 

Floristry is a tough craft to master, even with something as temporary as flowers. I cannot imagine the hardship of curating a gorgeous display made out of fruit (and not snacking on any of it). Edible Arrangements are eligible to ship so you can surprise the apple of your with a treat no matter where you are! For ordering instructions you can call: (912) 925-8742 or online here

Le Macaron 

This doesn't even cover the half of the flavors Le Macaron has to offer of macarons. The special macaron of the red and pink season is the Mon Cheri, artfully crafted with red and pink heart shaped sprinkles on top. That's not the only thing they offer, with gelato for a little date night out, or hand painted chocolates (my favorite) as a quick and thoughtful present. You can arrange your own macaron castle (assembly not included) by calling to order: (912) 712-5094 or visit here

Our Daily Bread Cafe 

Let us not forget these dazzling red sandwich cookies, just down the street from our office, drizzled in chocolate, with a creamy filling these cookies are like a full meal all on their own. Everything in this glass case is made with love. You can check out what else they make here


Well, now that I have made myself hungry for all things sugary and mouth-watering, what will YOU be doing for Valentine's Day?