Sweet As Tea

The first known recipe for sweet tea was published in 1879 and used green tea. During World War II, america’s green tea source was cut off, leaving them with tea almost exclusively coming from British-controlled India which produced black-tea. In the early 20th century, sweet tea was considered the ultimate luxury item and was used as an exhibition of wealth as it contained tea, sugar and ice. The most valued ingredient at the time, ice, had to be shipped from a cooler climate.

Recipe for Traditional Sweet Tea:


-3 quarts cold water

-4 pitcher-size cold brew tea bags (we recommend Luzianne)

-Sliced lemons- for garnish

-fresh mint, sprigs- for garnish


Sugar Mixture-

   -1 cup water

   – 3/4 cup sugar


Bring the water to a boil.  Remove from heat, pour into a pitcher, and steep the tea bags for about 5 minutes.  Bring the other one cup of water to a boil and add the sugar.  Stir to combine.  Then mix the sugar mixture into the tea.  Mix well.


Pour the drink mix over ice cubes and garnish with two slices of lemon and a sprig of mint.



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