Sweating Alone Vs. Sweating With Others

We all know that working out brings many benefits to our physical and mental health but, depending on certain elements, these benefits can increase or decrease. One of the factors that could impact our performance is if we work out by ourselves or with a group. Many people enjoy hitting the gym or going for a run alone, especially those with a full time job and kids since this could be the only “me time” they have where they can relax without thinking about anyone else. But let me tell you, sweating with a partner or group has many benefits as well. Since we all think differently and sometimes we don’t know what’s best for us, here’s a list with some pros and cons about training alone vs. training with a group. Training with a group Pros: – You can develop new friendships. – You’ll probably try harder to keep up with others. – You’ll be less likely to skip a workout if you know that someone is waiting on you. – Time goes by faster. Cons: – If you surround yourself with competitive people it could make you want to quit. – You don’t get any alone time. – You may not push yourself as hard. Training alone Pros: – There’re less distractions so you can focus in every movement you are making. – Training sessions may be shorter since you won’t spend any time talking to others. – You can set up your pace without any pressure. Cons: – You may fall into a comfort zone and don’t push yourself or, even worse, you may skip a training session. – You can easily fall into a boring routine that won’t get you to where you want to be. We all have different goals and priorities. The secret is that if you choose to workout with a partner or group, choose it wisely… give it a try!