Sustainable Sippin'

Photo by Blake Crosby.

Can a bar be sustainable? Broughton Common Bar Manager Jason Allmond thinks so.

Q: What makes Broughton Commons so unusually unique? Is there a type of philosophy you use while mixing that keeps patrons returning to your bar?

A: Lemon peels from the kitchen becomes lemon oleo for their improved Chatham Artillery Punch. Pineapple fronds that would usually be discarded become a drink garnish. Orange rinds become an orange cordial. “As much waste as I can dehydrate or reuse into other things, I’m going to do it,” Bar Manager Jason Allmond said. Sustainability has been a part of the Broughton Common program since the beginning, owner Mike Vaudrin explained, and Allmond embraced that philosophy wholeheartedly. His work comes to life in their in-house infused blends used in drinks like the GTO.

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Photo by blake crosby.

photo by blake crosby.