Surviving the Test of Time: Savannah Plastic Surgery Circa 1980

When Savannah Plastic Surgery was established in 1980, they were the only group practice in town. Now 41 years later, they are at the top of their game providing the latest technologies for looking great.

Photo by Colin Gray / From left to right: Drs. Scott Vann, Matthew McLeod, Barbara Davies and Luke Curtsinger, have over 200 years of experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery between them, forming the heart and soul of the practice.

Savannah Plastic Surgery is your center for cosmetic surgery, medical-grade skincare and life-enhancing services. Our expert team of board-certified plastic surgeons and board-eligible physicians has more than two centuries of collective experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery, helping patients across Georgia achieve their ultimate aesthetic goals. Our team takes pride in balancing the fine line between art and science, for a completely personalized experience with unmatched results.

Entrepreneurial Inspiration

When Savannah Plastic surgery was established back in 1980, it was one of the first plastic surgery groups in the Southeast. Drs. Scott Vann, Luke Curtsinger, Barbara Davies and Matthew McLeod form the heart and soul of the practice. The team was recently joined by injector specialist Karen Bouchard PA-C. Bouchard brings an amazing attention to detail, utilizing her background in art to provide natural, balanced and beautiful results.

Secret to Success

The team takes pride in balancing the fine line between art and science for a completely personalized experience with unmatched results.  Their physicians also have the people skills to respect and listen to their patients, making sure they are able to help them achieve their personal goals. Their office is in the heart of Savannah, providing easy access for patients throughout Georgia and the surrounding area.


The highlights of this practice can be seen on their website and on social media, with pages of glowing reviews and recommendations from past and current clients. One recent review from a patient: “I had a great experience here from the consultation to the surgery. The entire staff are so knowledgeable and friendly, and I couldn’t be happier!” Patients can also visit the Skin and Laser Center staffed by skilled, licensed estheticians.

Motto to live by

“Savannah Plastic Surgery and The Skin and Laser Institute…Endless Possibilities.”

Best advice

All successful businesses need to be built on trust and respect. We have built a legacy that has made Savannah Plastic Surgery a trusted fixture in the hostess city. We intend to carry that respect and integrity into the future. Call 912-351-5050 for a complimentary consultation with their team.

Savannah Plastic Surgery introduces injector specialist Karen Bouchard. Bouchard is a highly skilled and sought-after master level injector, treating patients from all over the Southeast. Her training includes an extensive background in plastic surgery and dermatology. Bouchard is well known for her soft touch and artistic eye with facial and body sculpting. She specializes in all injectables and cool sculpting.

Savannah Plastic Surgery
Savannah, GA.

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