Surviving the Test of Time: Most Plastic Surgery ~ 16 Years in Practice

The only regret Dr. Daniel Most has is that he did not take the plunge into entrepreneurship a decade earlier. However, he did take the plunge, and Savannah is all the better for that decision. His down-to-earth approach and dedication to detail has served his patients well, providing solutions to seemingly impossible situations such as reconstructive surgery after an accident.

Photo by Blake Crosby / Jessica Wegmann, Karen Chumley, Dr Daniel Most, Anny Most, Stephanie Wilds, Kristie Reese, Sharron Dekle

Dr. Daniel Most chased his passion for medicine from elementary school all the way through the halls of Stanford, Johns Hopkins and Harvard. However, it was a mentor that helped him find his calling of plastic surgery. “The variety of problems that plastic surgery can solve is fantastic.”

Entrepreneurial Inspiration

I really liked the idea of being my own boss and crafting my own destiny. However, at school it is all about the science and not about starting your own practice.

If you could change history

If I could change history, I would have struck out on my own 10 years sooner. However, it is hard to really feel that you have all the pieces you need to start your own practice. When you get out of school it is tempting to just take a position in an existing practice and take a salary. If I had started 10 years sooner, I would be 10 years further along in income.

Career Highlight

The highlight of my career was when I had the grand opening of my business in my new building in 2012. It took us a year and a half to totally revamp, redesign and refurbish the building, but it was worth it. Other highlights include finding out that I was good at administration and management. I also find it fascinating to deal with different personalities.

Biggest Challenge

My biggest challenge was starting my practice in a temporary space that only measured 500-square-feet. We had to find the space for an office, exam rooms and waiting area while we waited for our building to be finished.

Motto to live by

I tell people to not look back, not look down, just look forward.

Best advice

My best advice to anyone wanting to start their own business is to limit your debt and watch your expenses. Everyone wants to start out with a fantastic office with a fountain in the front. However, overextending yourself in the beginning is a good way to guarantee you will fail.

Secret to Success

I would say that my secret to success was a combination of a strong belief in myself and a commitment to always treating my patients like family. 

Dr. Daniel Most
Most Plastic Surgery
Savannah, GA.

Year established

[2011 Most Plastic Surgery opened]

[2005 started practicing]

Average number of employees


Favorite charities:

UNICEF and United Way.

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