Surviving the Test of Time: Lori Judge: Judge Realty

Lori Judge wanted to open a real estate agency with a difference. And she has succeeded in creating a brokerage that is committed to green business practices, supports the local and regional artistic community and keeps up with the expanding Savannah marketplace.

Photo by Blake Crosby

The Judge Realty team endeavors to meet and exceed client expectations – achieving high standards and reliability by working collaboratively and with integrity. These attributes enable growth, familiarity and knowledge in the local and regional markets.

“I care about my clients and work hard to ensure they are well taken care of. Purchasing  residential or commercial property is one of the biggest decisions in life for many people, so my goal continues to be ensuring they are completely happy. It takes more time, but in the end, its a very rewarding experience. You get to be a part of that decision making process and that truly means a lot to me.” – Lori Judge, Broker

Entrepreneurial Inspiration

I count many of my ancestors as consummate entrepreneurs. My grandmother excelled in all areas: Family, her personal life and in business. Inspired by her approach to all facets of her life, I also aspire to grow, set goals, learn and succeed as she did.

If you could change history

Changing the course of history is not as advisable as it is course correcting. In my early 20’s I started my business and learned much along the way. I count all the experiences–successes and failures–as contributions to the knowledge and instincts I have today.

Career Highlight

When I think of the last 16 years, I want to highlight all of them. My first steps and first dealings have informed all the subsequent relationships and transactions. I’ve honed my skills, but I’ve also evolved with how my business and personal life are woven into the fabric of the city and the community. It’s rewarding to engineer the business with consideration for my family, friends, Judge Realty, Yaupon Teahouse & Apothecary, and civic matters.

Biggest Challenge

When you own a business there are always challenges; and like a moving target, each one is different as you gain experience you begin to deal with each challenge differently. So, the way to cope is to always evolve and change.

Best Advice

The best advice I can give is to strategize about what business you want to start. Understand what you have to bring to the table, know what the competition is and understand the market before you decide to launch your business. As you move forward, stay flexible with an eye toward the needs of the future.

Motto to live by

My motto is to learn as much as I can about all the areas of my life and weave them into a cohesive whole. Economy, energy, and environment are pillars that I marry with personal affinity for art, culture, sustainability, and farming.

Secret to Success

My secret is the not-so-secret fact that I dedicate a lot of hours to research, best business practices and relationships. I am patient, persistent and focused, and these, in time and along the way, offer great rewards.

Judge Realty
Savannah, GA.

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Favorite charities:

Loop it Up Savannah, Telfair Museum, Georgia Conservancy.

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