Style South

SCAD Footwear and Accessories Design Professor Damion Le Cappelain says his ideal client is an eccentric male who takes the road less-traveled AND has an appreciation for good design. Le Cappelain’s pedigree doesn’t begin with his position as a professor; the U.K. native has held internships for famed fashion designers as well. 

​Damion Le Cappelain’s style is anything but that of a typical southern man­­—whose look he describes as a uniform of chinos, checkered shirts and Sperry docksiders. The biology graduate-turned graphic designer-turned footwear designer’s style reflects his dark designs, and has one staple—black skinny jeans. Savannah itself is not what inspires this talented shoe designer, but rather the people within the city.

The SCAD footwear and accessories professor began his fashion career after meeting a group of shoe designers who inspired him to pursue a career in the fashion industry. Damion sold his London flat and went back to college with a portfolio of design work good enough to land him one of the most coveted spots in the menswear design program at the Royal College of Art. “Men are quite boring and lean toward black or brown. I see it as a challenge,” says Damion about why he chose menswear over womenswear.   

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