Stirred Not Shaken: Mixing Up Savannah's Nightlife

Take a peak into Scott Marshall’s life as a bartender at one of Savannah’s local hotspots.    

Savannah is full of authentic eateries and pubs. But among the historic brick walls of the Hostess City lies a hidden gem that tips the scales when it comes to luxury and self-indulgence. With the feel of a modern-day speakeasy, the lounge provides guests with more than just decadent dishes and extravagant cocktails. Once you descend below the sidewalks, you are served an experience.

What attracted you to bartending? “I finished my first bartending course on my 21st birthday, which was 23 years ago. I started bartending because I was lobster fishing on an island off the coast of Maine and I watched the movie "Cocktail" and it looked like a whole lot more fun than lobster fishing. It kind of inspired me.”


Best bartending story: “I moved here from Boston. I had a woman that came in and was sitting at my bar, whose daughter lived in Boston and was down visiting. We started chatting. We were both from Maine. They were gonna just come for one cocktail and it wound up being the end of the night, their third cocktail. They were some of the last people there when we were closing. I made a comment about how my 90-year-old grandfather had just been applying to get his driver’s license back and Maine had turned him down. She asked me who my grandfather was and it turns out that she used to play bingo with my grandfather as the primary care taker for my grandmother with Alzheimer’s disease. We had no idea who each other were. And by the end of it we were both in tears.” 


Side Note:

“[Don't Ask me] For my phone number. You’re in my place of business. I’m not going to come and sit at your office and hit on you and ask you out. But you’re in my office, hitting on me, asking me out.”


207 W. Broughton St. Unit B,
Savannah, GA

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