Stay Active

1.  Flexibility is key. 

• Staying flexible will help reduce injuries, improve circulation, increase your coordination and enhance your range of motion.

• Regardless of your age, you must stretch daily to maintain flexibility. This will help to prevent soreness after exercising, and keep your muscles and joints limber.

2.  Strength training is for everyone. 

• Muscular strength is important and strong muscles help keep strong bones. Strength training is also a great way to help keep up your metabolism. Aerobics and resistance training are both great ways to achieve this. 

• Weight and resistance training is important for everyone. In order to keep your muscles and bones strong, strength train every few days.

3.  Cardio is good for the heart. 

• Our heart is a muscle. 30 minutes a day of cardiovascular exercise helps to keep the heart happy and helps reduce the chances of heart-related illness.

• There are countless ways to complete cardiovascular exercises, all of which will leave you feeling 

stress-free and happy.