Started From A Closet… Now We’re Here

Savannah, Georgia's Temple Day Spa has one simple motto: “Worship Yourself by treating your body.”

Photography by John Alexander / Kelly Temple

“Temple has become so much more than my last name — an inward sense of self worship and a physical space made just for that practice. We hold every person that walks through our door in the deepest parts of our hearts, and thank you for inviting us on the ride. We hope you feel included, authentically yourself, nurtured, seen, beautiful, relaxed, and everything in between.” – Kelly Temple, Owner

Kelly temple opened a small studio on the outskirts of downtown Savannah in 2017 knowing that she wanted to make people feel their best, but not actually knowing what that would later mean to her. A few years passed and she was fortunate enough to be able to expand out of her “little room.” 

“We celebrate your individuality by crafting completely customized, luxurious, and powerful treatments designed especially for your body’s needs in this moment,” says owner, Kelly Temple.

“We are so proud of you for taking care of yourself and for allowing us to be a part of that journey.”

Temple’s menu and treatments are ever changing- “as we, ourselves, are ever changing,” she states. “We want you to enjoy the time you take for yourself, by yourself.” 

Now Temple welcomes you to step inside and worship yourself. 

Learn more about Kelly Temple and her team at and to reserve your spot.

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