Stars of the South

Up until 2011, “Stars of the South” was a regular feature in every issue of South magazine. The Hostess City has a remarkable ability to produce rabble-rousers and up-and-coming leaders in their field. We wanted to showcase the people whose guiding hands helped to carry Savannah’s legacy into the future. 

Every issue we sat down with these movers and shakers to get some insight into how they operate, what fuels their passion, and hopefully learn a thing or two. Over the years we’ve interviewed Savannahians from across all genres and platforms: from musicians to lawyers, lunch ladies to doctors and everything in between. We learned that it does not matter where you come from, who your parents are, or how you got here. If you have a passion for something we want to know about it; we want to be inspired. 

These next few pages feature some of our favorite profiles from our “Stars of the South” section: some silly, some serious, all of them inspirational.

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