Spotlight: Chef Doug Miller

In our “Superfoods!” feature, we talk about delicious foods that keep you healthy. Number 10, kale, highlights the delectable Baby Kale Salad at Belford’s Savannah. Famous for their steak and shrimp, Belford’s has adopted a newer, healthier and more creative menu thanks to Chef Doug Miller.

Chef Miller, previously of Vic’s on the River, has been at Belford’s for under a year but has already made a huge and positive impact on the restaurant. With recipes like his kale salad and contemporary seafood plates, Miller says he “has changed the entire face of the menu.”

The secret to a better, healthier menu? Raw, whole and fresh ingredients. The kale salad is the “perfect example” of Miller’s changes, with spiced walnuts, dried figs, red onion, green apples and blue cheese dressing- it is a superfood powerhouse!

See more superfoods in our latest issue, and stop by Belford’s today for lunch or dinner!